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11 Unbelievable Habits of People with Hidden Depression (No.9 Is so Sad)

January 28, 2023

Nowadays, the number of people suffering from depression is significantly increasing, and those who suffer from hidden depression fight against their inner demons while people around them are completely unaware of it.

We started suppressing feelings and problems instead of sharing them with someone close, and this only aggravates the issue.

Yet, everyone needs to know the most common signs of hidden depression, so if you notice them in someone you know, it is time to act and help:

They cannot calm down their mind

-Their thoughts are quick, deep, and analytical, so they face difficulties to calm their mind.

Hide their mood

-Depressive people are good at hiding their feelings, so their mood swings are rarely obvious since they can easily fake a smile.

They search for meaning

-Depressed people anxiously search for the purpose in life, and are often obsessed with existential questions.

Irregular sleeping patterns

-Depressed people often battle with insomnia or spend their days sleeping.

They are pessimistic

-Intelligence often goes hand in hand with depression, and depressive people are good at solving problems, but they tend to be pessimistic.

Abandonment issues

-Depressed people often avoid getting close to other people due to their fear that they will be abandoned.

They try to help themselves

-These people might try to deal with depression in their own way, by walking in the park, exercising, writing, or listening to music.

They love cover-up stories

-Depressed people try their best to redirect the attention of their feelings, so they can come up with extensive excuses for even the most trivial thing.

Cry for help

-If someone you know constantly asks help and appears weak, you need to talk to him/her and establish a bond before you act and manage to help.

Changed eating habits

-Depression affects the eating habits of people, so they might start eating too much or lose appetite.

Talented individuals for a need for expression

-Many famous people suffer from hidden depression, as pain serves as a fuel and an inspiration.

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