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Never Do This While In Your Period!

July 23, 2021

When your period strikes, it doesn’t ask if you have a wedding to attend, a  very special date or a meeting, or a 15hour-long flight or drive… those days are the most painful and uncomfortable days in the month for a woman, and if you’re not a housewife, they can be even more excruciating.

There are a lot of medications and other tips and trick to do to make the stomach pain, back pain and the headaches go away. But it is also extremely important to take care of your personal hygiene and overall health even more at this time, because you loose blood, your organs are more opened and your immune system is in a bit of a collapse, compared to the other days of the month.

Here are some habits that you should get rid of especially while you’re at your period.
Don’t wax while in your period

Don’t make even more unwanted pain, when you can prolongate the waxing for couple more days.

Make love with your partner

If you think that you’re protected and can have unprotected s*x while at your period – you’re very wrong. Plus, your internal organs are way more prone to getting infections and bacteria while you’re at your period!

Wear a pad for too long

Even if there is not blood or secret on your pad – change it every 3 hours. Again, invisible infections could attack your organs at the moment your body is mostly fragile.

Have a sleeping pill if you must

Because those menstrual cramps can be very severe from time to time, and you sleep is even more important while you’re in your period, because sleeping is a natural way to heal the body.

Don’t overdo with the exercises, because you can invoke heavy bleedings.

Avoid milk and dairy products, since the arachidonic acid they contain can worsen the menstrual cramps.

Even though your appetite is crazy wild those days – avoid eating all that your body is craving for. You may gain unwanted weight in a very short notice!

Don’t skip meals – eat regularly, but don’t overdo it and give in to the cravings

Don’t listen to depressing songs or watch depressing romantic movies, tragedies or dramas, since your psychological health and mental stability is also very fragile in the days when you have your menstrual cycle.
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