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Do You Know What Aluminum Foil Does to Your Body After Reading This You’ll Never Stop Using It!

July 23, 2021

Aluminum foils are used mainly in the kitchen to wrap the food stuff or to protect the food from leakage. But there are many other benefits of the aluminum foil and it can actually help to get rid of health issues like eye bags, rheumatic pains as well as burns. Since ancient time many Russian and Chinese natural healers are using aluminum foil for the rapid healing process.

Based on the different recent studies it is confirmed that aluminum foil can be used to treat the following health issues-

  • Neck, back, leg, arm, and joint pain
  • Inflammatory health issues
  • Muscular pain like muscles and joint pain
  • Postoperative scars
  • Burns
  • It is also helpful to treat heel pain, sciatica, gout and rheumatoid arthritis

Pain Treatment

Here is a process which you have to follow to treat pain in arm or leg or neck using aluminum foil:


  1. Take sufficient amount of aluminum foil and wrap it on the affected area of the body.
  2. Now, place a bandage on it to fix the foil well.
  3. Allow it to remain 3-4 hours in a day or overnight.
  4. You can use this method to treat pain in elbows, legs or knees or even for heel pain.
  5. Use the treatment regularly for 10-12 days then you can take a break of 1-2 weeks.
  6. If the pain still persists then repeat the process for quick relief.

Cold and Flu Treatment

Aluminum foil is also helpful to fight infection. The aluminum foil treatment is very effective for you if you want to avoid the intake of antibiotics to cure the infection. It is a completely safe and natural process to treat cold and flu with the help of aluminum foil.


  1. Take a long range of foil and start wrapping it on your feet.
  2. After every layer put some paper or cotton in between.
  3. Wrap-around 5-7 such layers of foil each layer separated with other using paper or cotton.
  4. Keep the wrap undisturbed for 1 hour and later remove it.
  5. Keep the feet open for 2 hours and later follow the same process to built up the new wrap.
  6. Leave it for 1 hour and again take a break of 2 hours before you place the 3rd and last wrap.
  7. Repeat the process every day for 7 days to get rid of cold and flu.

Treat Burns using Aluminum foil

Minor burns occurred due to hot water, steam, hot oil or other liquids can be easily treated using aluminum foil. It helps to alleviate the pain caused due to burns and also reduces the skin inflammation.


  1. As a first aid, you should first hold the burn affected skin under cold running water.
  2. See if the skin is damaged or not. Clean the wound and dry it with a soft cloth.
  3. If the skin is quite damaged then use a sterile gauze to absorb the water from the wound.
  4. Now, apply a layer of ointment on the wound which will prevent the gauze from sticking around the wound.
  5. Cover the wound using sterile gauze.
  6. Now, put the aluminum foil over the wound and fasten it using a bandage.
  7. Allow it to remain till the pain of burn will vanish.

Alleviate Phantom Pain using Aluminium Foil

According to research, phantom pain can be well treated using aluminum foil. The findings of a research work on the topic amputees published in the reputed journal ‘British Journal of Pain’ provides that the post-amputation pain was found to be minimum in the case of patients whose limbs were properly wrapped in aluminum foil as compared to the other patient who hasn’t got the aluminium foil treatment.


  1. Cover you amputated limb by wrapping the aluminum foil.
  2. Fasten the wrap of aluminum foil with bandage, and
  3. Leave it undisturbed until the pain disappears.

Treating Insomnia and Fatigue

Many makeup artists and beauticians recommend the facial treatment using aluminum foil. It refresh the facial cells and reenergize the face even after a sleepless night.


  1. Keep sufficient strips of aluminum foil in a freezer for 1-2 hours.
  2. Put the frozen strips on your cheeks, face and eyelids the area which you want to refresh.
  3. You might experience that the facial muscles are getting relaxed slowly. Leave the strips on your face for 10 minutes.
  4. Remove the strips and you will be surprised to see that the signs of fatigue, stress and insomnia are disappeared instantly.

Which Side of Aluminum Foil Should You Use?

Generally you can use aluminum foil from both of its sides for different treatments. Whereas in order to keep the body part warm you should use the shiny side on the inside connected with the skin. In case you want protection from heat and cool down the skin then use matte side on inside on the skin directly and keep the shiny side on the outer end.

Although both the sides are equally efficient to treat the health issues, above tip will help to enhance the effect of aluminum foil for disease treatment. Use the given methods to naturally treat the health problems using a simple trick of aluminum foil.

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